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  1. Here are some of the notes I wanted to share regarding the mock-up.

    I like each of the fonts, but I don’t think Raleway and Share Tech go together. I like (Raleway and Gudea) together and (Share Tech and Gudea) together, just not (Raleway and Share Tech) together.
    Share Tech is very a tech/ square looking font, and Raleway is a happy/ very round font, and Gudea is a happy middle.
    Fonts I think we could pair with Raleway are: Bahnschrift (SemiCondensed), Oswald (Medium), Barlow (Semibold), Roboto (Condensed).

    There is a lot of motion. With that motion, a lot of the alignment doesn’t align until you’ve already scrolled past the section. (I can send examples if needed.)

    For the ‘Home’ page: The blues are a little too different. I think we should focus on having the International Klein Blue (#062d9f) as the blue and not as much on the Tory Blue (#1244b7). I really like the Stratos (#001142) as a background/ font color. We don’t have to change that.
    I’m going to send an updated background photo with the correct blue.

    I like how consistent the other pages/ tabs are. I just think the ‘Home’ page is a little scattered.

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