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  1. hola Laura, no tengo claro el cambio de imágenes y solo pude identificar 1 (Root barrier), además se menciona 4 cambios de imágenes y solo de adjuntaron 3, me ayudas a identificarlas por favor?

  2. Karen:
    Por favor hacer los siguientes cambios:
    -Usar el texto de abajo de la imagen
    -Cambiar en Bell Bottom Drill Pier los cons y usar los mismos que Single drill y poner que Bell Bottom pricing is higher (no Single Drill)
    -En Bell bottom quitar la nota adicional y esa informacion agregarla a #2 drilling
    -Cambiar las fotos de Rodrigo (igual chamarra en home page y sin en interior)


  3. Buenos dias,
    Por favor hacer los siguientes cambios/correcciones:
    Corrections Double wall single steel piers . At the top initial description please use the following .

    Steel piers are usually pressed directly under the foundation ,utilizing the same procedure of installation as the pressed concrete piers. This pier type offers a strong long lasting repair with the added value that in the majority of cases it can be installed at greater depths and it’s perfect to repair heavy structures due to its ability to carry greater loads.

    Also please make these following grammatical corrections under 02. Pier installation :
    Al should be all
    Baring should be bearing
    Tripe should be triple

    Corrections Bell bottom drill pier
    Under pros please remove the following first note “please remove can guarantee a greater depth and leave:”

    Corrections pier and beam system
    Please correct word ( some have bod Art blocks or stumps ) it should say (some have Bois D’arc posts or stumps)

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