Where should I advertise TV or Radio?

In today’s ever-changing world, it seems almost impossible for a business owner to decide where to invest their hard-earned marketing dollars and besides there are hundreds of avenues where to market a business, traditional media (Television and Radio) seems to always come up in the planning conversations.

In most cases, advertising on traditional media comes to having to choose between Radio or Television and this decision is mostly caused by budget restrictions. A balanced mix of both would be optimal; however, when this situation arises, which one do you choose?

Radio and Television are, and continue, to be effective; however, they may not always be a fit for all businesses. So, here are some factors to count in when facing a marketing investment decision:

Define a Marketing Goal

One of the most important question that a marketer, marketing agency or business owner needs to ask is: what are we trying to accomplish by marketing or advertising on broadcast media? Then, with that specific goal in mind, the team can make an easier decision and consider factors like budget, timing of marketing campaign, target audience, competition and current market conditions.

Why Television is good?

If your game plan is to create top-of-mind awareness, branding, add credibility to your brand or service and time is on your side, television should be your choice. Although is the most expensive option of the two, and many people argue that its efficiency is declining, television is still considered one of the best ways to advertise. A television spot is one of the only places where you can utilize sight, sound, motion and emotion unlike any other way to divulge your message. So, go ask your marketing agency to help create your next commercial spot, who knows! it might be the next super bowl commercial.

Why Radio is everywhere?

Even though radio has changed dramatically in the last few years with the introduction of satellite radio and streaming platforms, over-the-air radio is still a strong and good option for businesses to market their products. It has the ability to reach people in their cars and places of business as well as affordability and ability to get your message on air within a few days, so you can still find a way to be efficient If your goal is urgent, or when time is of the essence to develop a response, like an upcoming event or sale. So, go ask your marketing agency and have your favorite DJ endorse your business during rush hour!

There are dozens if not hundred of stations that you can choose to market your business. Consult with your marketing agency which is the best and more efficient option for you.