Square Booking Online Form: The Easy Setup Guide 

Have you ever tried to book an appointment on someone’s website and left the site feeling nothing but frustration? An old form, an ineffective payment gateway, or a poorly designed website can quickly turn off a customer from booking a service they need. Difficulty during the scheduling process can cause them to choose a competitor instead. Thankfully, Square has simplified the booking process with Square Appointments.

What is Square?

Square is trusted by many small businesses today for booking appointments, accepting payments, and retaining customer information. With a point of sale built right in, you can be sure that you’re paid on time and securely. Customers can trust that their information is safe with Square and credit card information can be saved securely for easy use during their next visit. Square can be used to track inventory in real time and send an email when quantities are low. With its detailed reporting features, Square provides everything your small business needs in one convenient location.

Why Choose Square Appointments? 

Customers are able to book at any time using the intuitive online form. With the cloud-based scheduler, you can ensure they only book when you’re available.

Thanks to smart availability, customers can book with you only during the times that you set. Gone are the days of double-booking! Furthermore, customers are able to cancel or reschedule right from Square, reducing the amount of back and forth, creating a better experience for everyone.

Do you have multiple employees with varied schedules? Do you have multiple locations you have to juggle? This isn’t a problem for Square booking. Customers can book with the employee they want for their specific services. Team schedules are in one location so you’re always aware of your staffing levels on any given day or location.

Book Appointments Seamlessly

While Square Appointments can be used on its own, it looks great when embedded on your website. Customers don’t need to visit an external site to schedule and check-out with you.

Watch the video below to learn how to embed Square on your site and experience the powerful platform’s benefits for yourself.

Booking with Square Appointments takes stress off of you and creates a better experience for your customer. Through its robust point of sale system, integrated calendar, and easily embeddable form, Square Appointments makes booking simple.