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  1. Hi Nathan please refer to the attachment area of the task to see comments titled: PENDING NEEDS TO CREATE MOCKUP AND FUNCTIONALITIES NEEDED AS DESCRIBED IN THE PDF (Powerpoint) SHARED.

  2. Yes sir. We have a logo, I will send you both the colored and black & white soon.
    I will get in contact with the client to get their products to you soon.

  3. Hi Nathan and Karen!… the mockup is good to go in From now on the info, interiors and minor adjustments should be made by Karen… Karen puedes confirmar que tienes acceso? Cualquiera duda estoy pendiente de cualquier necesidad de ambos.

    Nathan, there are two big things that I will finish when the following happens:

    1. visualizer involves lot of work, so we need that the client defines the 2 images that are base (probably a kitchen and a bathroom i guess), then the client must also define the materials that will be changing and where (in those 2 pictures would the changes occur). As soon as I have this I need to photoshop the images and make one image for each possible combo (so its gonna take me awhile to do it.. for example if there is 4 wall materials and 4 cabinet materials and 4 countertops i will have to generate 60+ images that reflect those combinations and then code the fetching of each image to each combination).
    2. what we need now are that the client what materials are going to showcase (images and name (if they are selling this online (ecommerce) we need the prices too).

    That’s it! Gooday beautiful people!

  4. Hola Natham, ya se crearon las páginas interiores de acuerdo a los comentarios enviados en el PPT, el contenido es texto simulado con lorem insumos. Quedo en espera de comentarios, saludos 🙂

  5. Hola Karen y Pablo!
    Awesome job on the mockup, I’m already a huge fan! I do have a few things I want to change around though. Where should I send the desired changes?

    I will be in contact with the owners of Alpha to get those images, names, and e-commerce decision/ prices. I’ll send them over as soon as I receive them.

    Thanks again ya’ll, let’s keep up the awesome work.

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