Dedicated Hosting: 5 Reasons Why Bad Hosting Can Ruin Your Website

Today, the majority of potential customers are researching and selecting brands based on a quick internet search. Within a few seconds, with the help of a few keywords, a brand can be selected. But what if your website, no matter how well-built it is, is being negatively affected by your hosting? Hosting companies GoDaddy and […]

Square Booking Online Form: The Easy Setup Guide 

Have you ever tried to book an appointment on someone’s website and left the site feeling nothing but frustration? An old form, an ineffective payment gateway, or a poorly designed website can quickly turn off a customer from booking a service they need. Difficulty during the scheduling process can cause them to choose a competitor […]

Google Reviews: The Superpower Behind Every Successful Business

Most of the main factors to ranking requires a lot of work and sometimes, a lot of money. Reviews have one fo the highest impact in your ranking. ( mention this, maybe share a screenshot but it is essentially free to get. And not too hard. Really good ideas on how to get reviews:   […]